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 I am not able to open this link: from excel, word our PowerPoint.


This is a known issue with MS Office products. MS Office is changing the "#" to '%20-%20' in the link. Unfortunately this is not shown when you work on the link.

Because of this the program can't open the web page.

There is a possibility to prevent this, but you will have to do that for every PC system. 

You must change a setting in the registry.

The key 'HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.htm' must be changed from the standard value 'htmlfile' to e.g.  'IEhtml' or 'ChromeHTML'

The problem and the solution are documented on:

There are workarounds:

For Office 2016 and if you receive the error ... "Cannot download the information you requested" please look for the Microsoft Fix 50655, this patches the issue.