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How can I delete a user in a workspace to re- assign his licence to a new user ?


  • Log into the Signavio Process Manager.
  • Go to Setup -> Manage user & access rights
  • Choose tab users.
  • You will find a small icon on the left side ( see attached screenshot) . Click on this icon and the dialog of user deletion will pop up.

Please be aware, if you delete a user you will loose all content that's within the " My documents" folder of the user. So please make sure that every information which would be needed afterwards from this folder is moved to the folder " Shared documents". After deletion the licence is available for a new user.  Please note that the tenant owner/ main administrator can not be removed, please ask the support team for further information.

All processes, diagrams and pictures which are uploaded to or created in the " Shared Folder" will remain.

You can invite the new user to the workspace afterwards and assign the licence to the new user.