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How do you create 3 tier Swimlanes? Do you just drag a “Pool/Lane” on top of the other?  Signavio does not allow you to split an existing Swimlane into 2 Sublanes when there is only one Swimlane in the diagram.


As indicated in the documentation, it states that the correct technique is to have 2 lanes, first.

Pools and lanes are added via the modeling element Pool/Lane:

  1. Select the Pool/Lane entry in the shape repository on the left side.
  2. Drag the element to the desired position.
  3. Create an additional lane beneath an already existing lane.

    A lane is added between 'Central purchasing' and 'Department'.
  4. Create a sublane that splits an existing lane into two sublanes.

    Before: The 'Central purchasing' needs to be subdivided into two organizational units.

    After: The sublanes have been created and can be named now.
  5. Drop the element onto the canvas at its new position.
  6. Insert a title for the lane or pool created.