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When I navigate in the Collaboration Hub, I receive an astronaut error


When you face this error, you should see a text with a session ID, a version and a timestamp. 

1 - If you use Google Chrome, check if "Google Translate" is activated:

if yes you have to deactivate it, (click on the Google Translate icon, then on 3 dots at the top right and choose "Never translate this site")

2-  Please check if you have an ad-blocker plugin active. 

If yes, please deactivate it and try to reload the website.

3- If the first two steps do not work, please try to create a new revision for your model.

4- You can contact the support team including those details:

  • How did you face the issue? Where did you click to arrive at this error?
  • Copy/paste the  text with a session ID, a version and a timestamp
  • Which browser do you use and the version