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We want to configure the SAML-integration with our Azure AD. Where can I find the instruction guide as a link / PDF?


Until now we have no instruction guide for the Azure AD SAML integration. Please find a quick instruction guide below:

  • Add a new application in the Azure AD (Enterprise applications - New application)

  • Select the option "Non-gallery application" and type a name for the application

  • Select the option "User and groups"
    • Click on the button "Add user"

    • Select the users and groups, who should have access to the Signavio Collaboration Hub
    • Confirm your selected users and groups with the Select-button and the Assign-button
  • Choose "Configure single sign-on" and select the value "SAML"

  • Now, follow the following steps within the configuration menu
    • Basic SAML Configuration
      • Upload Signavio´s metadata to the configuration settings. Please choose your correct system platform:

  • User Attributes & Claims

    • Use the user.mail attribute as the "User Identifier"

    • Delete the existing attribute examples
    • Add the following new attributes:


  • SAML Signing Certificate

    • Download the Federation Metadata XML (The file has to be uploaded into your Signavio workspace)

Afterwards, the configuration is done and the app can be found on the Azure Portal. The synchronization can take some minutes.