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I'm hoping to incorporate a Review Date on a process model to send me (or a group of people) a reminder. I would use this to set a yearly/bi-yearly date for the model to reviewed again.


For the user who has access to Approval Workflow, here're the steps to do so.

1. Set Approval Expiration in Manage approval workflow in Explorer

In this example, Approval workflow which will be used to review models is "Approval" set in Approval Expiration.

Hit "Save".

For more information to activate and manage approval workflows, please see User Guide.

2. Set Approval Workflow in Workflow Accelerator

Now open workflow accelerator from Explorer selecting Share > Open approval task list.

The Process to be used is "Approval". (Alternatively, you can create new process to be used and set it in configuration explained above.)

Add/Remove tasks, adjust email receivers to fit to your requirement.

You can specify a person or by roles as assignee. Please remember the assignee has to be part of your workspace.

Once approval workflow has been set as you wish, publish. Now the approval workflow is ready to be used.

3. Run approval workflow from Explorer for the first time.

In Explorer, select the model to review and start approval workflow.

It will confirm which approval process and version will be ran. Hit "Start".

It will show the link to approval workflow, hit "OK" to close popup.

Workflow proceeds and assignee will receive notification email, and task appears to their workflow task list.

Email notification.

Task in workflow.

Assignee actions review/approve.

Once approval workflow completed, the model is marked as "approved".

Next approval process will be run automatically as set in Manager Approval Workflows, such as 12 months.