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The Signavio Velocity Edition release on Oct 1st, 2019 is only available for SaaS customers on the current licence model (Classic/Enterprise) who use a specific setup for authentication. The reason is that the new Collaboration Hub requires registered users. A registered/named user is a user with either a modeler license like Classic or Enterprise or a Collaboration Hub licence assigned. Workspaces that have "guest" Hub users cannot switch to the Velocity Edition.


A green checkbox in each of both tables is required to fulfill the conditions for using the Velocity Edition.

License model

System ModeLicence modelNotesVelocity Edition available?


SaaSold Licence model (e.g. Corporate, Ultimate)Please contact your sales representative to switch to the new model(error)
SaaScurrent Licence model (e.g. Classic, Enterprise)

Authentication method

Collaboration Hub authenticationSystem ModeWorkspace able to switch to Velocity Edition?
No SAML and no certificate (manually inviting users)SaaS(tick)
SAML with auto account creationSaaS(tick)
SAML without auto account creationSaaS(tick)

How to switch?

Administrators find the option to switch to the Velocity Edition under Setup > Edit Collaboration Hub configuration. As this is a new release and Signavio wants to be sure every customer has a great experience, the switch to the new Edition requires customers to add a date which is minimum 3 days in the future. This gives us the chance to control the workload and act better in case of unforeseen problems. Later on an immediate switch to Velocity will be possible. An administrator can also switch back to the old Collaboration Hub by removing the date on the field.

Please note that the Signavio customer support team has no possibility to turn on/off Velocity on workspaces, this can only be done by a workspace admin. 

You can test the new Collaboration Hub via a link in the Edit Collaboration Hub configuration dialog. 

Users Concept

We were preparing this release for a longer time and a lot of features have been released in advance. Previously we had different user concepts for entering Collaboration Hub and it was possible to have "guest" and "named" Users.

The new Collaboration Hub requires "named" users and therefore you can only switch to the Velocity Edition when you don't use an authentication method that would allow "guest" users to access the Hub. If you are unsure:  Administrators can see all "named" users in Manage users & access rights > Users (all users that have licenses assigned). Users who are not in this list and have no license assigned but still can access the Collaboration Hub, are "guest" users.

Getting ready for Velocity Edition

SAML without auto provisioning

When users are authenticated via SAML /SSO and have no licence assigned, they are only "guest" users and hub user is displayed next to their name in the upper right menu of Collaboration Hub. The Read access tab in the user menu is responsible for their rights management.

Auto provisioning is a feature for SAML that has to be enabled in the "Manage Collaboration Hub authentication settings" with the option "Create new user accounts automatically". It ensures user accounts are created automatically without the need for registration. When the auto provisioning feature is enabled, users without existing license assignment get automatically a Collaboration Hub license assigned with their first login. These users are automatically members of all default groups (Manage users and access rights > tab User groups > checkbox Default group).

Please find further information in our SAML/SSO knowledgebase article (meet the Velocity Edition with the requirements in the options 2 & 5).


If you are using SharePoint or a certificate, you must switch the authentication method in order to use the Velocity Edition.

The first option is to use SAML/SSO. If your are not familiar with SAML, please talk to your IT-department, if you maybe already have an IDP/Identity Provider e.g. ADFS, Azure AD, Okta or similar set up. Please find further information in our userguide and our SAML/SSO knowledgebase article.

The second possibility is to assign the Collaboration Hub licences directly to the users. With our current user management (Manage users and access rights) you can only invite users one by one, similar to the invitation of modelers. The Velocity Edition includes a new Collaboration Hub as well as an improved new User Management. With that, you can invite users in bulk and create user accounts right away without a need for registration. For onboarding cases with 2000+ users we can also offer a CSV import via the API licence. Please contact the Signavio customer support team for further information.

Regarding the Certificate please read the following article in advance to avoid issue with the activation of the new hub. Unable to switch to Velocity release with SSO and SAML auto account creation active

Further Information

There will be ongoing improvements for the Velocity Edition. The features of the new Collaboration Hub are not yet completed. Use the preview function to get an impression of the existing features. If you have feedback, the Signavio customer support team will happily forward it to our product management and the responsible development teams. Please see as well our Customer portal for known issues.