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I am trying to get the custom attribute Version to display in a PDF export / print.


please follow these steps (see screenshots attached):

  1. if not already enabled, go to Editor > setup > define notations / attributes > Modeling Language > Choreography Diagram (BPMN 2.0)
  2. under Diagram Element types > select BPMN-Diagram
  3. under Custom Attributes > Define the custom attribute > select Add > Reuse existing attribute > select version
  4. create a new Diagram
  5. expand the Attribute view (right side)
  6. expand More Attributes
  7. click on Version
  8. enter a value
  9. save the diagram
  10. select print
  11. at Show additional information> select configure
  12. Select "Own Attribute" in the Export/Print function
  13. Go to "Choreography Diagram BPMN 2.0"
  14. Select "More Properties" - here you can find the version attribute
  15. select the button [ Create PDF ]